29 March 2023

Greene County Parks and Recreation Receives Donation From EQT

The EQT Corporation recently donated $25,000 to the Greene County Department of Parks and Recreation for equipment and activities at the Greene River Trail. The funds were used to purchase a much-needed utility vehicle for trail maintenance and safety. In addition to the vehicle, industrial leaf-blowers were purchased to aid workers in keeping the 7.1-mile trail clear. The grant will also fund an expanded fall festival and 5K run in October. Greene County Commissioner Betsy McClure said, “We would like to thank EQT for this donation. When industries donate to our county, it helps us with economic growth. Director of Recreation Bret Moore added, “EQT has been tremendously generous to us in funding multiple projects. This donation will allow our workers to work more efficiently at the trail and create an even better recreational area. The near future holds even bigger improvements to our facilities because of the generosity of EQT.”