26 August 2020

Small Business Advantage Grant for Protection Projects

Small Business Advantage Grant for Natural Resource Protection Projects

The Department of Environmental Protection’s Small Business Advantage Grant has expanded to include natural resource conservation projects for agriculture to prevent soil erosion or decrease sediment/nutrient runoff into nearby streams. 
Eligible Projects:
  • Forested/Grass Riparian Buffer Plantings
  • Streambank Exclusionary Fencing
  • Agriculture/Barnyard Runoff Control
Who is Eligible?
PA-based small businesses (farms) with fewer than 100 full time employees
Must be a for-profit business and be taxed as a for-profit
The grant matches 50% of the materials
You can do multiple projects
Maximum grant award for natural resource protection projects is $7,000
The applicant must be a small business owner
Grants reviewed and approved on a first-come-first-served basis, apply soon!
Apply online at www.dep.pa.gov or contact the Greene County Conservation District at 724-852-5278 for assistance.

Apply Online at www.dep.pa.gov

Download the Press Release Here

For More Information Call the Greene County Conservation District