Farmland Preservation Board

Greene County Farmland Preservation Board

The Farmland Preservation Board of Directors was established in 2006, and bylaws for the County program were developed and adopted. The Board is dedicated to protecting valuable farm acreage from development.

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Contact Information

Ben FranklinBuilding
22 West high Street
Suite 204
Waynesburg, PA 15370
Hours of Operation: M-F, 8:30AM to 4:30 PM

Board Contacts:

William Cree III
Dave Shipman
Vice Chairman
Richard Thistlewaite
Charles Day
Richard Belding
Jim Willis
Corbly Orndorff
John Hildreth
Jared Edgreen
Commissioner Representative

Farmland Easement Applications Being Accepted

The Greene County Farmland Preservation Board is now accepting applications until June 1, 2022 from qualifying landowners for the agricultural conservation easement program. Are you wanting to improve your farm? Are you looking to ensure your property is farmed for future generations? Have you have thought about enrolling in Farmland Preservation and selling an easement for help with projects on your farm as well as ensuring future farming?

The agricultural conservation easement can permanently protect a family’s farmland from being lost to future non-agricultural development. It may be used as an estate planning tool to help landowners successfully pass farms on to the next generation. Or landowners may receive cash for some of the equity tied up in their land for expansion or improving farm operation, debt repayment or retirement while retaining ownership of their land.
The easement is an interest in land, which represents the right to prevent development or improvement of a parcel for any purpose other than agricultural production. The easement may be granted by a farmland owner to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a county agricultural land preservation program, a local government unit or a local land trust. Easements may be sold or donated with the restrictions recorded in the recorder of deeds office in the county where the easement is located.
For eligibility, a landowner must:
  • be enrolled in an approved agricultural security area consisting of at least 500 acres
  • have at least 50 contiguous acres
  • have at least 50% of the soils on the parcel under consideration in soil capability classes I to IV (as defined by the web Soil Survey)
  • be available for agricultural production contain the greater of 50% or at least ten acres of harvested cropland, pasture or grazing land.
  • the landowner will also need to provide ownership verification to the surface mineral rights on the parcel being considered.
Currently in Greene County, there are eight townships with approved agricultural security areas: Center, Cumberland, Franklin, Greene, Jefferson, Morgan, Washington and Wayne. If your land is in one of these townships, you may be eligible for Farmland
Preservation – even if you are not yet in the Agricultural Security program. If you are not, but you are interested in Agricultural Security Areas or Farmland Preservation, please call us to find out more information about beginning an Agricultural Security Area in your township!

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Meeting Dates and Times


The Greene County Farmland Preservation monthly meetings will be held the third Wednesday of each month in the Conservation District Conference Room, 22 West High Street, Suite 204, Waynesburg, PA  15370, unless otherwise noted.  Any cancellations, meeting date additions or changes in the date, time, or location will be directly advertised in the Observer Reporter.

William A Cree III, Chairman
Greene County Farmland Preservation

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Meeting Minutes

January 2024
February 2024 -- No meeting
March 2024
April 2024
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July 2024
August 2024
September 2024
October 2024
November 2024
December 2024

January 2023
February 2023 - no meeting 
March 2023 - no meeting 
April 2023 - no meeting 
May 2023 - meeting cancelled 
June 2023 - no meeting 
July 2023 - no meeting 
August 2023 - no meeting 
September 2023 - no meeting 
October 2023
November 2023 
December 2023 - no meeting 

January 2022
February 2022
March 2022 - Meeting Cancelled
April 2022
May 2022
June 2022
July 2022
August 2022
September 2022
October 2022
November 2022 - no meeting 
December 2022 - no meeting 

January 2021
February 2021 - Meeting Cancelled
March 2021
April 2021 - Meeting Cancelled
May 2021 - Meeting Cancelled
June 2021 - Meeting Cancelled
July 2021 - Meeting Cancelled
August 2021 - Meeting Cancelled
September 2021 - Meeting Cancelled
October 2021
November 2021 - Meeting Cancelled
December 2021 - Meeting Cancelled

March - Meeting Cancelled
April - Meeting Cancelled
May - Meeting Cancelled
June - Meeting Cancelled
July - Meeting Cancelled
November - Meeting Cancelled
December - Meeting Cancelled

January 2019
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December 2019

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