Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

This page is intended to provide links to safe, accurate, and up-to-date sources of information, inform County residents and staff of any departmental changes or affected services, and promulgate policy specific to the coronavirus developed by the County, State, and Federal governments. Greene County will follow the guidance of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Center for Disease Control and National Institute of Health.

The Greene County government continues tracking updates on the Covid-19 Coronavirus from state and national agencies. Our number one priority is the safety, health and welfare of our residents, employees and visitors.  All normal county functions will continue with emphasis on conducting routine business via e-mail, telephone, or regular U.S. Postal Service. Individuals with an absolute need to visit in person, can schedule an appointment with the specific office in which they intend to conduct business. Phone numbers are available on the Greene County website: We encourage everyone to heed the recommendations of the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control and National Institute of Health.

Employees that need to alter their work schedules either due to illness or family support requirements should coordinate with Human Resources as to their individual options for tele-commuting, sick leave, vacation time, Family Medical Leave, etc. Do not come to work if you are sick!

For more information, or if you have questions or concerns, you can email

The below links and fact sheets are the recommended sources of information for Greene County employee's and residents:

John Hopkins Global Map and Dashboard

County Statistics (including Job Loss Vulnerability Index)

Affected County Departments and Resources

This is not a complete listing. Please call your service provider for information. County Departments are linked below. Please see the state links above for more information on state offices and services.
  • Greene County Prison - Temporary Emergency Order affecting visitation.
  • Greene ARC Recycling - suspending all service until further notice
  • Greene County current year property tax bills were mailed out this week and the discount collection period will begin today,  April 1st.  Tax payers are welcome to submit tax payments by mail once they receive their tax bills.  We encourage tax payers to include a stamped self-addressed envelope for the return of their tax payment receipt. Upon the
    re-opening of the Greene County Office Building, we would encourage payments by check or money order by mail.

Guidance and Policy for County Employee's

  • Greene County Information Technology (IT) has advised all elected officials, managers, and other staff with remote access, to update their VPN software and test their Remote Desktop applications on home computers and county laptops. 
  • IT has advised all elected officials and employee's to be extremely cautious when opening emails or clicking links related to coronavirus information, response, guidelines etc. as there has been a marked increase in malware and email-based user credential phishing related to the pandemic. (Source: NACO IT Tech Exchange)
  • All Greene County network users have been told to use the recommended links on the county website when searching for coronavirus information as the incidence of web-based attacks using fake websites has increased significantly. See HHS Alert for more information.
  • Greene County Human Services is asking that if any employee is feeling ill, with flu like symptoms, please stay home! Employee's will be required to use any paid leave you have available. Also, if you do feel ill, please contact Human Resources so we are aware.  The County of Greene is encouraging social distancing.


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