27 October 2023

East Dunkard Water Authority Turbidity Exceedance

A turbidity exceedance occurred and was caused by a filter issue. Plant staff went through the necessary protocol to address the filter issue. While addressing the filter issue no water was being pumped to the tanks as the plant was offline. The filter issue was greater than first anticipated. We are working speedily around the clock to get the water service restored as soon as possible.

Greene County Emergency Management contacted PEMA and FEMA on behalf of the Authority to obtain additional resources. We have also had an amazing outpouring of support from many local businesses and public officials. We are doing everything possible to get the tanks filled and water to the customers. Iron Synergy has provided different support staff to try to help us come up with a solution to be able to push water to the customers in a quicker timeframe. There are many others who have stepped up and helped us and at a later time a complete list of them will be made public.

Water is now being distributed to customers and more distributions are planned for tomorrow.  The condition of the filters has been discussed many times and we had hoped that this would not happen as the Authority has a request for bids out right now to replace the filters. Please know that the Authority understands the frustration that our customers are experiencing.  The plant is back online as of 3:30 A.M. this morning and we are producing water.  It will take some time for our tanks to recover so it will be very important for all users of the water system to conserve water. The Authority knows that many of you are calling the office for various reasons, but we are not able to answer every phone call and message, because we are concentrating on restoring the water service to our many customers.