27 January 2023

IDA Legal Notice 1/27/2023




Creosote Rail Tie Removal and Disposal – Former Gateway Forest Products,

Mather, Pennsylvania


On behalf of The Greene County Industrial Development Authority (GCIDA), AMO Environmental Decisions, Inc. (AMO) is soliciting bids for creosote rail tie removal and disposal from the former Gateway Forest Products site in Mather, Pennsylvania.


The Mather Site operated from the early 1920s until the early 1960s as a coal mine, coal processing, and loading facility which included a rail yard and numerous rail spurs. In 1975, Gateway Forest Products began creosote railroad tie treatment operations which continued until 1984. When the creosote rail tie operations ceased, the closure left behind thousands of creosote rail ties. The site has remained vacant since that time. The GCIDA currently holds title to the abandoned site.


The GCIDA has been awarded a US EPA Brownfield Cleanup Grant for the removal and proper disposal of the remaining creosote rail ties. Therefore, the GCIDA is requesting bids from qualified contractors for this project.


Project Description:

• Removal and appropriate documented disposal of several piles of creosote treated rail ties (estimated in the thousands).

• Preference will be given to contractors who follow US EPA “Principals for Greener Cleanups.”

• Disadvantaged Business Enterprises are encouraged to respond.

• The project is being funded by a US EPA Brownfields Cleanup grant ($400,000). In the case the grant is insufficient for the removal of all rail ties; all bids must include a daily rate for the staging of all remaining ties; for future disposal.

• Due to the nature of the work and the funding source, wages will need to meet the standard of the Davis-Bacon Act for prevailing wages.

• Bids must describe the process and location of disposition, to include applicable permits.

• The contractor will provide all equipment and labor for the project.

• Disposal documentation (waste manifest) must be provided as backup to all invoices, and all proposed disposal facilities must be approved by AMO and GCIDA.

• Contractor may propose additional methods or disposal options to meet the goals of the project.

• Contractor must provide available start date as well as expected time to complete the project.

• Contractor must provide daily rate and estimated tonnage or number of truck loads to be removed per day.

• Contractor must provide qualifications and experience completing similar projects.

• All contractor on-site personnel must be OSHA 40-Hour HAZWOPER certified.

• Contractors must meet GCIDA insurance requirements.

• A pre-bid site visit will be held on a date to be determined based on respondent interest. Please contact Michael Palkendo (mpalkendo@amoed.com) to show interest and for additional details.


Please submit your bid on or before February 23, 2023 at 2pm. No bids will be accepted after this time.  Bids will be opened and reviewed on February 27, 2023 at 10am.


Submit original bids in a sealed envelope to:

Greene County Industrial Development Authority

93 E. High Street; Suite 214

Waynesburg, PA 15370-1839

Attn: Connie Bloom


The selection will be made by the GCIDA Board on March 14, 2023 during the monthly GCIDA meeting located at the above address.


Contractors will be scored based on respondents’ qualifications and cost. Please note, the GCIDA is not required to select the lowest bidder.