Greene County Renovates Mon View Roller Rink

The Greene County Department of Recreation recently oversaw the completion of much-needed renovations to the Mon View Roller Rink. The department took advantage of the COVID-19 forced closure of this facility to make significant improvements. The investment of nearly $55,000 will improve several safety aspects of the facility, as well as increase its longevity for the enjoyment of future generations.

The rink, which was built in the 1950s, acquired by the County in 2005 and received its last significant upgrade in 2008, required extensive structural updating to ensure the safety of the area’s youth. Parts of the floor, which had sustained severe water damage, were replaced by Raffle Construction. The company also installed gutters and drainage around the facility to prevent future damage.

Previously, the rink operated seasonally because it lacked air-conditioning. Because of its popularity, the county is also installing air-conditioning to maximize the availability of the skating rink. Additionally, considering the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, air-conditioning will greatly improve the quality of air and ventilation in the facility. Once the air-conditioning is installed, the rink will be capable of year-round use. 

Weekends at the site are extremely popular with families and young people throughout the tri-county area. The Mon View Roller Rink is located at 377 Stoney Hill Road in Greensboro and offers skate rental and a concession stand. The Rink may also be reserved for private parties. The Department of Recreation hopes to open the facility to the public by the end of October and safely operate in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Additional information can be obtained on the Greene County Website, the Greene County Commissioner’s Facebook page or by calling the Department of Recreation at (724) 852-5323.


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