24 October 2019

Security Grants awarded to Greene County schools

Pictured (l. to r.): Commissioner Dave Coder, Fred Morecraft, Rich Pekar, Commissioner Archie Trader; Mark Krupa, Commissioner Blair Zimmerman, Joseph Orr and Dr. Helen McCracken.
Greene County Commissioners announced that the county’s five school districts and Career Technology Center would each be receiving $50,000 grants for the purpose of improving and expanding security and safety protocols for students attending their respective facilities.

The grants were announced during the Commissioners’ regular meeting Thursday, which was attended by Mark Krupa, Administrative Director of Greene County Career and Technology Center, and the following superintendents: Fred Morecraft, Carmichaels Area; Dr. Helen McCracken, Central Greene; Joseph Orr, Jefferson-Morgan; Rich Pekar, Southeastern Greene; and Brian Jackson, West Greene.

This marks the second consecutive year that the Security Grants were awarded to the school districts and CTC.      

In announcing the grants, Commissioners said they were happy to be able to provide them again.

Commissioner Blair Zimmerman thanked the school representatives for attending and also for serving as leaders of their respective districts and facilities.

“You are all very important people in Greene County, and you have an important responsibility to provide safety and security to our children,” he said. “It is absolutely our pleasure to give this funding to our school districts and to CTC.”

Commissioner Dave Coder said the protection of all students is of utmost importance.
“I am glad that county is able to provide these Security Grants to our school districts and CTC,” he said. “These grants will really help with school safety.”

Commissioner Archie Trader agreed, adding that “the safety and well-being of our children need to be a top priority.”

Pekar said he was speaking for all of the county schools when expressing his gratitude for the Security Grants.     

“On behalf of everyone present, we thank the Commissioners for these grants, because our number one goal always is to protect our kids, for they are our most prized resources,” he said. “As school security and safety continues to be a major issue across the country, we are grateful for any assistance we receive that enables us to move more quickly and efficiently in our efforts to keep our students safe.”  

Jackson said that although each school district and the CTC may be using their respective allotted funds for costs pertaining to different security issues, “I am sure that everyone here would agree that we all believe in the safety and protection of our children.”