Four PA Small Water Grants



WAYNESBURG – The Greene County Commissioners announce the awarding of four PA Small Water and Sewer Grants for Greene County projects. In coordination with Cumberland Township and the Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority (SPWA), Greene County submitted an application to support the Jacobs Ferry Road Water Line Extension Project in December 2019. Today, we were informed of an award totaling $218,450 to contribute toward that project.


The Jacobs Ferry Road water line extension will provide access to public water for the 30 properties located within proximity to this water line and the Jessop Boat Club. Additionally, the southernmost access point to the Greene River Trail is also located just across the street from the Jessop Boat Club, adding frequent bicyclists and hikers to the number of individuals that will benefit from the new water line.


The area surrounding the Boat Club has been selected as a growth area by the County due to its proximity to the Monongahela River. This water line will greatly improve these properties making them more attractive for future development. Development within this area would provide a much-needed tax base for the Township and County.


Since funding has been secured for the project consisting of 2,400 linear feet of waterline and five new fire hydrants, the rest of the project requirements can begin with a projected timeline of completion estimated at be spring/summer of 2021. The Commissioners would like to thank State Senator Camera Bartolotta for her significant effort in securing full funding for this project.


Additional PA Small Water and Sewer Grant Funds awarded within Greene County:

Greensboro Monongahela Township Joint Sewer Authority    Pump Station Upgrades            $85,000

Lower Ten Mile Joint Sewer Authority Pump Station Emergency Power Improvements    $129,000

Rices Landing Borough WWTP Upgrades - Mechanical Screen Installation        $329,080


The grants were awarded as part of the Commonwealth Financing Authority’s PA Small Water and Sewer Program, which provides financial assistance for the construction, improvement, expansion or rehabilitation of water supply or sanitary sewer systems throughout Pennsylvania.


Additional information can be obtained on the Greene County Commissioner’s Facebook page or by calling (724) 852-5210.

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